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About Us

myINTERACT is created by the team at INTERACT Technology,
a global software company, based in Sydney, Australia.

Our team identified a systematic gap in the consistent provision of valuable, timely and optimal content and information to healthcare professionals – content which assists in their daily duties and consequently enhances productivity and ultimately improves patient care.

Over the last few years, INTERACT has dedicated itself to understanding the digital needs of healthcare professionals and the requirements of the companies that engage with them – hospital departments, medical special interest groups, industry associations and event managers

Our indepth research process included:
  • Understanding of the importance of meetings and events in the working life of specialist physicians from ad board to society congresses
  • Extensive face-to-face and online market research with doctors
  • Piloting our system in physician work environment to better understand needs and refine the system including hospital department; interest groups, associations, clinics, conferences and events.
  • Working with pharmaceutical companies and doctors to identify what healthcare professionals value from industry
  • Ensuring the myINTERACT platform met the commercial and fit for purpose requirements of the business

INTERACT solutions are now used by many global pharmaceutical companies
in over 25 countries and INTERACT Technology has won awards for innovation
and customer engagement