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nextINTERACT Release Note

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This impacts nextINTERACT users

A new version of nextINTERACT is now available on the App Store (v4.8.5)

Updates Include:

  • Addition of Smart Library functionality. Smart Libraries provide a repository for different file types (PDF, PPX, MP4, MP3, URLs and more) in an elegant interface. Content can be searched, filtered and sorted in a variety of ways and easily updated via Shared Asset Manager (SAM). Smart Libraries can be used to replace the existing reference libraries created using the Asset Packager. Please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature.
  • A fix to address the issue identified on 5 November 2018 which caused the nextINTERACT app to terminate when installing assets with large file size
  • Testing for iOS12 compatibility

Please visit the App Store to ensure you have the latest version of nextINTERACT.



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